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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

6 Rules That You Must Never Follow It

It is very common for people to do something and realize later that they were really stupid. This article aims to reduce the number of disturbing episodes in your daily life series by informing you of 6 rules that the clever and clever ones avoid.

1. Try to impress those around you

Try to impress others 
Smart people always know when some are trying to impress and dazzle them in any way, either by attracting their attention to their precious possessions such as: expensive electronic devices and the like, or talking about their extensive relationships. All this in order to impress others with the scales they have and attract their  attention. In fact, they really attract attention and gain admiration;

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2. Seek perfection

Perfect request 
Perfect demand inevitably leads to depression. Do you really want to hurt yourself?

Nothing is perfect in this world, but its magic is based on these imperfections, which occur differently in our eyes each time they are formed randomly. All you have to do is chase your dreams and look for your happiness as long as you do not hurt anyone, but the whole picture of things is a sterile, deaf image that does not tempt anyone by embracing it.

3 - Open your ears to what people say

Open your ears to what people say 
You are the axis of the universe and you have to pay attention to everything that is coming and what people are saying about you. Of course, this is nonsense. Everyone has his or her own interests. Even if someone cares what you wear now and how you acted at the moment, you will not be interested in another moment. Otherwise, they will spend their lives discussing what you did and what you left behind.

For this reason, smart people guide their lives, and draw their own way from their own experiences, not just people.

4 - if he failed to quickly surrender

Escape from failure 
If you surrender, you will remain where you are, but failure can make you a stronger person, opening up more opportunities for you if you persist. Let your dear reader speak just the most convincing examples.

The picture attached above refers to a letter from the director of the studio telling that Madonna is not ready yet, but after the contract was signed more than 10 million copies of the album were sold around the world.

Still want another example? Well ... you must know the series of Harry Potter fantasy novels that filled the world of fame, " Joan Rowling " received a rejection about 14 times before receiving approval for publication to achieve a success after the overwhelming was not in mind.

5 - deal with aggressive behavior more aggressively

Brawl .. Man and woman fighting .. Aggressive
The research group at the University of Michigan found that IQ is closely related to aggression. The more aggressive the person is, the less intelligent he is. Scientists note that low IQ also causes aggression at an early age and changes the situation in the future: destructive behavior does not allow intelligence to grow.

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6- You are correct 100%

You're always right, you're wrong 
One of the most important features of intelligence is to see the same thing from different aspects, and do not rule out that you might be wrong.

But if one embraces the doctrine of monotheism and always believes that all he embraces is the eye of health and righteousness. "Alarms often generate more confidence than knowledge," says Charles Darwin.

Scientists have conducted some research that has shown that people with less knowledge are those who have the highest confidence or so-called Dunning-Krug effect .

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