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Thursday, June 7, 2018

8 Mistakes You Should Avoid During The Speech

The nature of your work may require you to make frequent speeches. This makes you very anxious and tense because talking to people is difficult and needs to be well prepared to avoid making mistakes and falling into embarrassing situations. Here are 8 mistakes you should avoid during the speech .

8 Mistakes You Should Avoid During The Speech

    1-Repeat the phrases

If you think that repeating some phrases during the conversation will add importance to what you say you should realize that this brings boredom from your conversation, so try to avoid it and just raise your tone when you say some important points.

    2-The abundance of information

The abundance of information may clarify some important points but may sometimes cause dispersion of people and make them unable to absorb all this amount of information, and for this it is advised to moderate the provision of information and avoid the list of things not important.

    3-Talk without interruption

The letters are usually long and may take a full hour. This makes people feel bored, especially if the speaker does not stop talking, so it is best to leave a break between the paragraphs of the speech.

    4-Use rhetoric!

Improvements and verbalizations used in speech hinder some people from understanding the conversation and therefore you should be simpler in choosing words and phrases, and take into consideration the level of your audience culture so that you can deliver your message successfully.

    5-Misuse of body movements

People can feel your honesty and your lies through the movements of your body so try to master the use of body movements, for example keep your smile, do not frown, keep visual communication with people, this will help you to attract them to your talk.

    6-Do not rely on effects

Ignoring the use of audiovisual effects and relying only on speech can slow the process of assimilation and create a state of indifference in people, so it is necessary to use the effects to make people talk.

    7-Random talk

The unorganized conversation distracts people from understanding what you want to convey to them. Therefore, your talk should be very precise and organize the paragraphs and sentences in a way that attracts attention and is surprising.

    8-Choose an inappropriate topic

The process of selecting a subject requires a high level of accuracy because speaking on topics that are not of people's interests puts you in an awkward position. For this, try to investigate the nature of the people you will be talking to so that you can choose the right topic.

The previous mistakes make your speech boring, meaningless and worthless so try to avoid it so you can leave a deep and positive impression in people's minds.

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