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Saturday, June 16, 2018

5 Simple Things Make Your Day Special

Achieving success and achieving your goals requires several weapons, the most important of which are: knowledge, possession of a targeted plan, and of course hard work with potential. Some people add to this list other factors, including luck, personal relationships, and perhaps a strong belief in self.

But every day goes a long way toward achieving our goals, which may take years sometimes, but it is our accumulated work towards the goal in our scattered days that makes this difference, whether it is achieved in the end or the wind. Therefore, one day's use of full effectiveness is essential to achieving the goal as a whole.

All work and productivity experts gather that the right start to the day is what makes it more effective than others. For this, we have gathered five ideas for a bright beginning for a new day ...

1. Wake up early

Some studies show that will and desire are at their peak in the early hours of the morning, and may be the most productive part of the day.
The English proverb says "The early bird gets the worm" means that birds that wake up early are those who find food. The prize that birds find is to get the food of worms, and humans early wake up means a greater proportion of success and achievement of goals.

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2.Drink a cup of water and lemon juice

As you prepare your morning coffee or set fire to your cup of tea, first drink a glass of water with half a lemon juice. but why? Health experts say drinking this mixture at the beginning of the day and above all works to start metabolism. As for the cells of the body, they not only make them start but make them move continuously throughout the day, and make the body get rid of toxins and stimulate the cells to work more actively.

3. Do not jump quickly to social networking sites as soon as you wake up from sleep

Your morning coffee is now ready, and you decide to take a look at your Facebook account. Please stop and do not do this!
Because these moments that you decided to spend as you browse through your account and the publications of others in a hurry may extend to hours, you may encounter an old friend to begin a long dialogue, and may ignite a heated political debate find yourself drawn to him in one way or another especially as we live in this quiet area of ​​the stable world , Where there are no wars, no conflicts, not even economic crises .
For all this I do not think social networking sites are a good start to your day, as it can raise your adrenalin hormone and you are still only in your ninth hour to leave you moody without any real benefit to all of this.

4 - Do not forget your share of exercises

Everyone may not agree on this point - early morning exercises, since this time may not be available to everyone when others prefer to work out in the evening or after work, but fitness and trainers often refer to a form of work Aerobics in the morning; because midday is often a busy time for most people, by the end of the day also you may not have the time or energy to exercise.
How many times have you been there? "Today I'm tired and very tired I will practice tomorrow"? Then do not come this tomorrow !!

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5. Think of your day before sleeping

Think, imagine or what you want. It's important to take your time at the end of the day to think retroactively about what happened with you during the day. Some people who embrace the principle of the present moment alone may criticize this idea, but these few minutes will give you feedback on what to do next and what needs to be avoided.

Finally, always remember that your day is constantly changing, and you may not have enough time to accomplish everything you planned and everything you wanted to do, but that's fine. Even if you do one thing, that's great. That means you've taken a step forward towards your goal.

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