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Friday, June 8, 2018

5 levels to work and earn money from the Internet

How to profit from the Internet ? Can You Make A Lot Of Money Online? If someone told you that you can make money from the Internet and you sit in your home and without committing to a specific job takes from your time long hours for an income that barely fills the gap, will you believe it? Maybe you say, is this realistic and possible ?! Certainly, there are thousands and perhaps millions of people doing it. They work from their homes online and earn a basic or additional income that may outweigh their income from any other job, regardless of their position.

Technology has provided many tools and means that, with its presence, it is possible to harvest and make money from the Internet with ease. If you are bored or want to make more money, this article is certainly important to you.

You will learn about 5 levels of work and make money online. Starting from the level that requires no skills, it is based on the principle of only time and effort, and of course the income at this level will be simple. Through to levels that need to invest their personal skills and experiences to earn a good income and perhaps a lot of money. To the level that requires you to invest experience, effort and money sometimes before you start to make money, but the returns are great at this level if you mastered the game correctly and learned the secrets of the profession.

We would like to emphasize that you should not think of leaving your job until you are sure that you have mastered the rules of the game and are ready to embark on this thrilling experience and earn money from the Internet.

How to profit from the Internet ? 5 Levels To Work And Make Money From The Internet

Note: We  will go through some of the ways through which you can make money remotely, the normal functions that are done at home or for example trading shares and currencies and other work that are originally normal business but the Internet is easy and allowed others to work remotely.

Level 1: Gain earning crumbs:

As the name implies, working at this level will return you with a few tricks; though it consumes much of your effort and time. We mean those profitable sites or money-making sites that provide you with an opportunity to work, but they take a lot and give you only crumbs, so you feel that you have wasted your time with little benefit.

In order to make the picture clearer, we will remind you of two examples. First, there are websites that offer followers to earn and earn money by clicking on the ads that appear in them. At each click you can get a thousand dollar portion, Advertising to earn one dollar! Is not this a waste of time?

The second example is the sites that offer money making by shortening the links. You register on these sites and then add a new link to an article or page on the Internet, and then the link is shortened and given to you, and you have to publish that link in a forum or group, Page through their site where they display ads as they pass.

Your earnings will be very small, not more than one dollar when 1,000 visitors click on that link. Again, we wonder: Is not this a waste of time?

We advise you not to seek and earn money through this level, and not to waste time in it, but to invest in developing yourself and your skills that will prepare you to make better money by working at the following levels.

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The second level: making money with the sweat of the forehead:

How to win from the Internet with the sweat of your forehead? Unlike the previous level, work at this level needs to exploit your skills and expertise in some areas, a level that provides you with reaping and earning money, and perhaps a lot of it.

All you have to do is join some Arab or foreign platforms, such as "Fivesets", "Independent", "Pfeiffer" or "Aborak" and others, intermediate platforms that combine independent and online entrepreneurs for a reasonable commission for each project. Implemented through them.

If you have the skills to design logos or banners, or if you have the talent to write articles, content, translation, etc., these platforms are suitable for you to display your goods on them. But we recommend you to make your effort and your time to succeed and continue to work and reap good amounts of money. We recommend that you present examples of your previous work as proof of your abilities and skills on those platforms.

Level 3: Digital Ads:

Here you need to show ads to others - your site visitors and your app users - to earn and earn money. Intermediaries between you and the advertisers will pay you. This method of calculating earnings depends on the number of clicks per ad.

At this level, you must have a website or blog where you can write interesting and interesting topics that attract visitors; they can grow to reach thousands every day. Then, you have to sign up for digital advertising platforms, the most famous of which are Google Adsense. To make money.

Another way may be more effective than the above-mentioned method of displaying ads in smart phone applications, especially Android phones, which are highly profitable. But the professionalism in developing Android applications is essential to its success or at least provides the skill to develop some ready-made applications that can be purchased in small amounts.

Level 4: Commission sales:

This level is more advanced than the previous three levels, and you can reap and earn a lot of money. Here you will not be the owner of the product, but will act as intermediary to display and sell digital products of companies or individuals on your own site or your blog for a percentage of the commission. To succeed, you have to make a great effort to be famous in the Internet and social networks and have thousands or millions of followers. If you do, the money will start flowing on you.

It should be noted that the sale of the products of others must be based on ethical standards of work; that is, the selection of products that are quality and self-satisfied. While this seems difficult, it is not impossible.

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Level 5: Sell Your Own Product:

We have reached the last level that may make you a millionaire, of course I say (may), and these (may) based on realistic experiences, there are Arab youth know them well brought them this way to get rich, such as Brother (Fouad Badawi) His sales sales exceeded $ 1 million in total.

Wordpress templates are the digital product that Brother Fuad sells and earns money from, and you can make any other digital product in your area of ​​interest and experience so that it can be sold online, a product that you wear once and sell 1000 times. Your site or multiple sales platforms, and the quality and quality of your product will be the results.

At the previous level you were marketing the products of others. Now at this level you will be the product creator and then they will market your product or service. Examples of digital products that can be sold: training course, digital book, templates and ready designs, codes, programs and applications.

You will find a thousand ways to market that product, and the product will find its way to spread as long as its quality is high and of great benefit to the user.

Now you become well acquainted with how to win from the Internet and realize that there are levels to work and make money from the Internet and how much money you can earn at the level you choose to work from. If you find this topic useful to you, it will definitely be very useful for people like you, so do not be too short to share it for everyone to benefit.

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