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Sunday, May 13, 2018

Learn About The Most Inspiring Success Stories In The World

Do you feel despair? Have you failed many times? Are you thinking about giving in to your fate? Failure is a possibility in life and even the great history did not reach their successes only after a series of failed experiments and obstacles, the path of success is long and a lot of difficulties and you as a conscious person must be patient and diligent and determined to go to your dreams as did others, and because we care for your future we will give you more Success stories inspire the world.

Learn About The Most Inspiring Success Stories In The World

    1-Jack Ma's success story

Jack Ma is a Chinese businessman who owns the giant e-commerce group "Ali Baba" and has a number of successful Internet businesses. During his youth, Jack went through difficult times, failing twice to take the university entrance exam and enrolling in the worst university in China. After graduating in education with a low salary, Jack Ma submitted a request for immigration to America, but his requests were rejected, so he could later travel to work as an interpreter. Jack began thinking about building Chinese companies' websites with the help of his friends.

    2-Stephen Hawking Success Story

An English scientist known for being the most prominent theoretical physicist, he studied at Oxford University and received his first honor in physics. At the age of 21, he suffered from fatal lateral sclerosis. Doctors told him that he would not live for more than two years, but insisted on continuing his research and studies. Cambridge was awarded a doctorate in cosmology, and Stephen later produced several papers on the relationship between black holes and thermodynamics and has chronological research.

    3-Steve Jobs' Success Story

Steve Jobs was the inventor and founder of Apple. Steve was born to unmarried parents. He lived in the orphanage until his adoption by the Goebbels. Steve did not succeed in his studies. He did not succeed in his university and failed in his first year. Then he decided because of the financial hardship to leave school and devote himself to developing his skills in technology and electronics. First as an Atari game designer, and later founded Apple and during his management of the company was able to come out of the light of the Mac (Mac) and the various types of mobile devices are (iPod) and (iPhone) and iPad, and today and even after his death Apple continues to pursue its success.

    4-Oprah Winfrey Success Story

In addition to the separation of her parents and poverty, at the age of 14, she was subjected to sexual harassment and rape by a relative. These events affected her psychology. She used heroin and cocaine and later managed to get rid of addiction with the help of her father. She joined the University Opera and worked after She graduated as a news anchor but was dismissed from work and tried to cook, but later refused to be able to produce her Oprah Winfrey in 1985, and this program was the beginning of her success story.

    5-The success story of Jan Koum

Jan Koum was a computer engineer and Internet entrepreneur and CEO of Whatsapp was born to a very poor family and escape from the conditions that were taking place in Ukraine at that time. He migrated with his mother to America in the hope of looking for a better life, but poverty forced him to work at an early age. In a grocery store and during his university studies, he worked as a security guard at Ernst & Young. He started his career at Yahoo and then applied for Facebook. But his request was rejected. Only a few years before he was able to help Bryan Acton establish the " To change his miserable reality to chance and survive!

Previous success stories summarize the experience of people who have never known defeat or despair because of their determination to achieve success, so be careful to take advantage of these stories to achieve success and excellence.

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