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Thursday, May 24, 2018

How To Become A Millionaire In 4 Simple And Easy Steps

Can you become a millionaire from scratch?
This question may seem strange to most people, and may lead them to wonder: how can this be done ?! Others may say that this is a fantasy or a kind of dream that can not be achieved on the ground. But the reality is different from what they think; it proves that it can become a millionaire from scratch; there are many real stories and real models of people who were in the past suffering from poverty and lack of hand; they had only a few dirhams not enough to buy a meal of food, After a period of millionaires or even billions!

Of course, these people did not get their wealth through inheritance or winning a lottery ticket, but through work and effort, after they decided to rebel against reality and adopted specific goals and set a plan and walked with them with determination and determination and reached what they wanted. It might be useful to show a realistic story to a young American who started from scratch and was able to get the first million after five years only. Let us listen to his story and the advice resulting from his personal experience that made him a millionaire from scratch.

Grant, a young American in his three-year-old, graduated from college, had no money, and for a while remained unemployed, just like most young people. Grant says he has been hit by a lack of money, leaving only $ 2.26 in his bank account. Fortunately, he was not as frustrated as others in this situation, but decided to be a catalyst for him, and encouraged him to set himself the goal of getting one million dollars over the next five years.

Grant began his first job in a job with an annual income of $ 50,000. But he realized early on that this income would not be enough to achieve his goal within the time he had set for himself. This prompted him to set up a small web site developer, designing the first website and selling it for $ 300. He then ordered orders, designed another site and sold it for $ 5,000. Grant managed to sell his first project for $ 100,000 in less than a year. He then resigned from his job and was assigned to run his own small business. Grant was very hard-working to achieve his goal. The five years had passed but he had just over a million dollars in his account. And so he became a millionaire from scratch.

Grant says that he can not guarantee that what happened to him will happen to everyone, but he offers four tips from his experience, which he considers sufficient - at least - to significantly improve the financial situation of those who follow. So what are those tips?

How to Become a Millionaire From Scratch in 4 Steps

1. Make a suitable income for your efforts:
"The first and most important factor that will allow you to become a millionaire from scratch," says Grant, "is to know very well how much salary you have to pay. He stresses that it is appropriate to ask your experienced colleagues how much you have to pay for your effort, and if it turns out to be too low, ask your manager to increase your salary after proving to him the importance of the company's efforts. Grant says most of the staff do not do so because they are afraid of refusing their request, which leaves them with a salary that is disproportionate to their efforts.

2. Save and invest:
In Grant's view, this is the second advice that can make an individual millionaire from scratch. By saving you can invest your money in the right way; thus making money work for you. It is also worth mentioning that Grant managed to provide 50% of his income during his journey of about one million. In this regard , it is proposed to the staff "method of automatic" for the provision of salary ; he says: "Talk to your human resources officer and told him to deduct 20% of your salary and holds you, or was created to provide a bank account and told the bank to deduct a certain percentage of your monthly salary. After a while you will find that you have provided a good amount that can be invested. "

3. Make good income sources:
If you can raise your salary and provide a good part of it, look for new sources where you can earn income. You may consider additional work, establish your own business or be able to invest your savings. Regardless of the method, the basic idea is not just one source of income if you want to become a millionaire from scratch.

4.Focus your investment on the areas you know:
It is very important for those who are looking for wealth, to know very well how and where to invest their money that they could provide. If someone wanted to invest in a particular company, he should look at the nature of the company's business and the importance of its products to consumers and learn the right investment rules before putting its money in a particular area.

Of course, you can think and try things other than those mentioned in this article if you want to become a millionaire from scratch, but above all to set a specific goal and clear plan and devote your resources and energies to achieve it. Do not dream too much, but work hard and effort to change your reality, if not become a millionaire, it can achieve a kind of financial stability and financial freedom . Is not this better than continuing suffering and turnover in the debt spiral?

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