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Saturday, May 12, 2018

5 Psychological Burdens Faced By An Entrepreneur

People think entrepreneurship is an interesting, entertaining and professional life (especially if the company succeeds), but the reality is that there is a dark side in the business world that is not highlighted.
The burdens include financial and physical pressures, accountability, total staff difficulty, and loneliness as tasks increase.

5 Psychological Burdens Faced By An Entrepreneur

     1-Take responsibility

- Anything in the wrong direction becomes the responsibility of the entrepreneur alone, he is the person who makes the decisions and is also the most affected by their consequences, whether positive or negative.

- Making a lot of decisions increases the level of psychological pressure on the owner, and may affect the increasing pressure negatively on decision-making, and here one finds himself in a circle of pressures and decisions.

    2-Financial pressure

A startup company has rarely started out in terms of financial preparations. Some projects close before they actually start, and others spend millions of dollars to establish their footprints in the market.
Studies show that a mid-sized company needs $ 30,000 to start, and the entrepreneur finds himself facing two difficult choices: risking his savings or borrowing.
Above all, the new project owner may have to leave his current job to devote himself to his new investment, if the new entrepreneur has a family or invests in his personal savings, the financial pressure will be heavy.

    3-Refraining from trusting anyone

Entrepreneur does not build his success on his own, but even if the investor himself surrounded by a group of skilled professionals he would have difficulty in relying entirely on them.
The employer will find himself obliged to assign others some tasks and leave entire departments under the responsibility of some of his employees and rely on his partners in other matters.
Above all this will need to listen to the advice of consultants and entrepreneurs like him to get a complete picture of his work and its burdens and often will not hear what he wishes.

    4-Balance between work and private life

When one takes on the role of entrepreneur, all things of his life go back. The idea captures him and takes his time.
But after a while, even with the organization of daytime hours, the entrepreneur delves into the lifestyle requirements of the entrepreneur, and here he does not meet with his family and meet little friends.
He may also have to take some time out of his sleep, miss some meals, go to the junk food and go to some bad health habits.
All this harms health and gives you the psychological burden on the employer.


It is not much talked about, but entrepreneurs feel lonely. Working too long, away from friends and family, the entrepreneur finds himself separate from those around him.
The entrepreneur has to assume the role of manager and direct supervisor of all his staff, and also finds himself compelled not to show any weakness even if the company faces many problems or on the brink of falling.
In such circumstances, the unit severely affects the owner and increases his psychological stress.

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