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Friday, May 25, 2018

4 Habits That Reduce Your Productivity At Work

Most people spend their hours sitting behind their desks motionless, immersed in the tasks that are imposed on them, believing that working longer hours would increase their productivity at work without paying attention to certain behaviors that might hinder them from achieving the highest possible productivity.
So, we will review in the following lines 4 habits that prevent you from raising your productivity at work.

4 Habits That Reduce Your Productivity At Work

    1-Unhealthy eating habits

Neglecting your health and following bad habits such as smoking, drinking alcohol or drinking a lot of caffeine a day affects your productivity, and neglecting breakfast before you go to work leads to a lack of concentration during daily tasks due to lack of brain nutrition, depression, stress, Of the pathological conditions that contribute to reducing your productivity. So you should avoid such habits and do periodic checks necessary to avoid such problems and protect yourself from them.

    2-Sleep disorders

Studies have shown that a one-and-a-half hour drop in sleep results in a 32% reduction in concentration and performance, decreased ability to think and process information. And that the ideal sleep hours for each person should not be less than 7 to 8 hours per day. So be sure to provide the right environment for a healthy and comfortable sleep, and avoid the use of electronic devices before going to sleep, and stay away from drinking caffeine as much as possible late at night.

    3-Work environment!

The work environment and employee relations play a very important role in influencing their productivity. The office space, lighting and decorations all affect the performance of employees. Talking and chattering is a waste of time. It is good to share their interests and make friends with them Allowed chatting without affecting your performance to do your duties.

    4-General behavior within the workplace

When you get bored and idle inside your home you can not stay in it and you will try to get out of it to break this situation, and the same at work, it is OK to introduce some fun to the work environment to relieve stress, and studies show that laughter raises morale and improves productivity, That such matters do not exceed the limit necessary to keep the workplace respected!

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