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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Life Skills You Should Know Before You Reach The Age of 18

Between adolescence, childhood, you find yourself on the threshold of your 18th year with major changes taking place in your life, finishing school, starting college or working and relying on yourself, serious thinking about travel, adventure, and the life you dream.

The volatile emotional life that takes up a lot of your thinking , even deep existential questions that begin to grow inside you and begin the journey of searching for answers to things that would never have occurred to you, so that it may change the course of your life at a moment.

All these things give this stage its importance, and give you that strange sense of the seriousness of the situation you are going through, and may suffer moments of despair and frustration and lose confidence in yourself and your ability to follow as you want and as you should do.

What can help you get into that stage and live easily and have a greater ability to integrate into it, and move to the stage of young people and start the way you draw for yourself in life, and to be able to walk it and reach your goals?

I was asked this question on Quora originally  came the answer by "Julie Azqot: In increasingly", former dean of Stanford in several life skills may seem simple to some but it is very important to the young man must be familiar with them before they reach eighteen years ...

    1 - Talk to strangers

Children learn from parents and school not to talk to strangers, and that the danger lies in them and standing with them, creating a child who does not know the simplest communication skills and speak with confidence with anyone, and express himself and his needs in a simple and simple manner without fear and confusion.

Whether that person is a street cleaner, a taxi driver or even a university teacher and a government department employee, a young person must learn how to speak to them with courtesy and respect, how to answer their questions and ask them if he needs their help.

Communication skills are often not included in the curriculum, so they can learn from parents or online training videos, or attend training courses to learn these skills.

    2 - knowledge of roads and movements

Going out of school, from adolescence to youth, university entrance and wider social activities requires them to go to places more than school, home, sports or recreational clubs. Now they have to learn the options of dealing with different modes of transportation and how to go to distant and nearby neighborhoods. The previous knowledge has to know how to deal with strangers so that they are able to ask one of them if he lost his way without being afraid or confused.

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    3. Prioritize, manage tasks and organize appointments

Often, the parents follow the child to perform his duties and find that the mother keeps the dates of exams of her son and his school program more than in person, this is completely changed in the university, even if the young person does not move and live alone he will have to keep the program of university classes and delivery dates of activities, And work on them so that he can catch up with delivery dates without delay, in addition to the organization of priorities between the study and external activities and other courses that may join or if doing something as part time.

This requires a lot of awareness, experience is the best teacher in such cases, and may benefit him to take advice from older than him and passed the same experience, such as work and study at the same time or university students in the higher years.

    4 - contribute to the work of the house

Whether you are a young man or a girl, you still live with your family or have to live alone because of the circumstances of the study. You need to know how to do basic housework, arrange your room, wash your clothes, cook simple meals.

You are no longer a child to wait for you to do all these things for you. You have to do your own work, help with the public housework and relieve some of your mother's burden.

This is part of the previous item, the organization of priorities and time, so that you will be able to carry out your duties and other studies in addition to help with the work of the house.

    5 - dealing with personal problems

Every person has advantages and disadvantages. Some of these defects are of the kind that offend or affect others such as: anger, lack of self-control, inability to control emotions or express emotions.

So it is necessary to know how to deal with these problems and address them, with the help of the older than his friends or his school or resort to a behavioral consultant, the first step is always the most important is awareness and identify these problems and the extent of the negative impact on his life, perhaps the speed of anger occurs in a moment Which caused his dismissal from the university and the loss of his entire academic future.

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    6 - dealing with ups and downs

Competition in the university, increased tuition fees, teachers' moods that may be difficult and their demands, working and organizing time with study or work only, dealing with superiors, growing emotional problems and the study colleague who wants to marry them but does not have money!

All this will transform life into curves of ups and downs that change frequently, and this causes confusion in the mood and difficulty in being able to deal with things so clearly and purely that things must be mixed together.

Dealing with these volatile situations in life is what he begins to learn during this period and continue with him to death; because the more age and social status, the greater the burden and responsibilities on him as this volatility increases, and unless these skills are learned and the ability to separate the various things since the beginning of his life It is more difficult later.

    7. Making money and managing it

Until now you are used to taking your money from your parents, but you are supposed to have the ability to work and take responsibility for your tuition expenses, even partially, the free work or you can do part-time so that it does not affect your studies a lot and can give you a good income .

Even if you are not linked to your field of study, it will eventually give you a great practical experience in many things, the most important of which is the good behavior of the material returns that you get and manage so that you can benefit from it as much as you can.

    8. Risk tolerance

The age of eighteen is the age at which you are responsible for your actions before the state and the society and you are no longer a child or a teenager who can act irresponsibly and do not find anyone to hold you accountable, so any decision you take will have to bear the responsibility of his consequences, whether good or bad, Think a lot before making any decision, no matter how small.

If you have exceeded the age of eighteen and have not learned these skills yet, and you can not find them do not worry, it is not too late and you can still learn with time, and ultimately life experience is acquired over time and through meeting with others and dealing with all different groups, Which makes you more flexible and has a better personality and more mature.

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