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Monday, April 2, 2018

7 Habits That Smart People Didn't Do

The smart person has many positive qualities that make him a symbol and a model to be followed in the world of business and success, if you want to be smart you have to move away from a group of habits that are not carried out by the intelligent person, and these behaviors are:

7 Habits That Smart People Didn't Do

    1-Affected by the past.

The intelligent person does not talk about the past and is not affected by all the negative events that took place in it. He only takes advantage of the successes he has achieved and of the experiences he has done, and all his talk is limited to the present and the great future that awaits and plans for him.

    2-Repeat the mistake twice.

The intelligent person has the ability to take responsibility for his mistakes and not to evade them. He also has the ability to overcome all the mistakes he has made, to learn from them and not to repeat them at all in the future.

    3-Being  jealous of the success of others.

A person who is intelligent is usually the success of others and of their scientific or practical achievements. On the contrary, he appreciates this success and recognizes it because he is fully aware that man can achieve success only after a great effort and tries to take advantage of all his successes and achievements the world.

    4-Not afraid of being alone:

The intelligent person usually does not fear being alone or isolated; on the contrary, he feels the need to be alone and away from the noise of the people so that he can re-examine all the things and projects he is doing, and to give his mind a period of rest and tranquility.

    5-Lack of patience.

The smart person is someone who has the heroism, the patience and the long wait to achieve the goal he is seeking. He is well aware that success can not be achieved overnight.

    6-Looking for the satisfaction of everyone.

The intelligent person realizes that he can not be admired by all, so he works to satisfy himself and his conscience only, and does not waste his time searching for ways that will make people satisfied with him.

    7-Feeling desperate.

It is impossible for a smart person to despair of any failed experience or work. On the contrary, he is quickly trying to get through this stage and to plan for something new, taking advantage of all the mistakes that led to the failure of the previous experience.

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