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Sunday, April 8, 2018

6 Mistakes Committed By Womens In Money Management

In recent decades, women have been able to compete with men in all areas of life. Indeed, they have managed to achieve success and reach the greatest achievements. But for money, studies have shown that women are less skilled than men in managing money, and that money management is the means to provide a secure life. 
We will know you 6 mistakes committed by women in the management of money:

6 Mistakes Committed By Womens In Money Management

    1-Didn't know where the money is spent.

One of the main reasons for her failure to manage money is not knowing where to spend her money. Women buy everything they see, especially when they shop. In the middle of the month, you find out that their bank balance has been implemented. In order to avoid this, you must check your expenses every week. 

    2-Accumulation of payment of bills and taxes.

Unfortunately, 60 percent of women forget to pay their bills and taxes, which causes them to accumulate and multiply, so they do not pay enough money to pay them, so they pay until they pay. , This method will make it easier for you to manage your money.

    3-Purchase needs are unnecessary.

Most women tend to buy unnecessary things that make them fail to manage their money while many men spend less money than women. In order to manage your money properly, you should stop your subscriptions that you never use and think well before you buy any Something and only buy essential necessities.

    4-Fall into the advertising trap!

90 percent of women fall into the trap of deceptive advertising, where promoters tend to move women's feelings in their advertisements and because women are emotional by advertising directly and rush to buy things you do not need so be more rational. Before you buy ask yourself do I really need this product...

    5-Shame from saving money.

Some people look at savings as nonsense. Therefore, women are ashamed to tell their family members and friends that they want to save money and buy them to prove that they are generous and that is why they are unable to manage their money. You should be aware that saving will give you the opportunity to raise funds for your own project. This will prove your ability to manage money.

    6-Bank loans.

Some women are hesitant to take large bank loans without conducting an economic study on their projects. They will receive debt. If they do not pay the loan, their property may be seized. To avoid this, you must consult an economist. Is the rate of success and failure, this will enable you to manage your money and your work properly.

Money management is not a difficult task dear...All you have to do is avoid the previous Six mistakes. When you succeed in avoiding them you will be able to compete with the man and achieve more success in the world of money.

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