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Friday, April 27, 2018

3 Reasons Why To Start A Free Business Right Now

In the old days, when the work platforms began to work, the majority of those who did not find a place in the job market decided to create this place in the online work platforms with the skills they gained from writing, designing, translating, editing and others. 

Today, most of those who have the skill invest in these platforms, even if they have good capital. So, we chose today's article to highlight the most important reasons why it is now a good time to start working on free platforms and perhaps even the most appropriate time .

1. Internet service:

In the normal local market, you have to be in your work place at work hours. You have to work in any part of the world, or even lying on your bed or on a family trip. On the beach, all you need is to have an internet service that is now one of the rewards that all homes and sites are keen to compete for.

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 2. There is no specific ceiling for what you can earn:

Make money on these freelance platforms according to your diligence and your desire to develop yourself and satisfy your customers. According to a poll conducted by  Freelancer's Union  and   upwork , most people who have a free job have recognized that they make more money than they did in their previous jobs .
This is very logical, of course. A fixed job with a fixed salary and fixed hours can not be compared to a work that earns more, which increases your working hours, if you do not lose anything if you cut off your work for a day or two.

3. Comprehensive transformation of the labor market:

"Before I became a freelance worker, I was employed by a company that specialized in finding and providing workers for more than 500 companies. After several years of interviewing people who lost their jobs from the first week of work, I realized that self-employment is safer in this respect compared to the daily work or jobs provided by companies and sectors. If I lose a client, it does not mean that I have lost my monthly income. On the other hand, if I am fired from my job, no way . "

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The labor market on the ground is radically different from the labor market on the platforms of free labor. Some of those who work hard on these platforms are transformed from a new seller to an investor in a few years' time, and many investors invest their free time.
At the end of the article, many surveys indicate that the number of employees who leave their jobs voluntarily and go to establish their own work on the Internet is increasing over time, and that many investors are directed to these platforms to choose the right workers to complete their projects also increasing.
Therefore, all these factors and opinion polls confirm that the platforms are not a hobby but an entire future, and that the current time is your most appropriate time to start your small business on the platforms of free work and wait to grow your project faster than you expect.

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