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Saturday, April 28, 2018

15 Reasons To Prevent You From Achieving Wealth And Financial Success

In the last century, Napoleon Hill, a well-known journalist, documented one of the richest experiences in the world of business, the experience of Andrew Carnegie, the Scottish billionaire, one of the industry's most influential and influential men of the time.

Carnegie was impressed by Hill's intelligence and fascination, so he discussed with him the idea of ​​Think and Grow Rich, one of the best-selling books in the world that was first published in just 6 weeks of publication, prompting him to interview nearly 500 successful A billionaire is guaranteed to help him reach those persons.

His book was considered a key to the fundamentals of business management, project management and successful investment in projects that will inevitably lead to wealth. It is based on research on the success stories of the wealthy, entrepreneurs and successful people to reach the secrets of personal achievement, financial independence and even wealth.

In this article we will identify the reasons that may hinder people in their quest to achieve wealth and financial success and access to the world of wealth and prevent them from achieving financial success , the reasons mentioned by Napoleon Hill in his genius:

1. Lack of basic skills

According to Hill, success always needs to focus on a specific goal, so the multiplicity of skills without mastery may lead to dispersion and loss, and may be swept away from the right path that will lead us to success and wealth.
Any skill we learn must have a clear and fundamental place within our plan, otherwise it will only lead us to failure.

2. Delay and procrastination

If we wait for the time to start our projects, this time will never come and this will be an endless wait. We must take the initiative and take a serious step to start work. There is no time, we are making time.

If you are serious about investing in successful projects and achieving wealth and financial success, you should start now without any procrastination. Read some books and articles that enrich your knowledge, take advantage of the experiences and experiences of the successful, and then go!

3. Adherence to inappropriate work

Any boring or routine work, or even any steady work that does not suit you, will kill your sense of creativity and innovation, so you have to be brave and give up all these actions and go to the work you love so that you indulge in it and offer your best.

Do not worry about abandoning your current job. If you look at the success stories of the rich, you will find that the first step in their success was to give up their boring work that killed their creativity and move on to work on successful and profitable projects.

4. Illegal circumvention

Illegal circumvention, such as deception and fraud, can help you make some gains at first, but it quickly degrades your image to your audience and even distrusts you. So you and these actions have cost you reputation throughout your career.

5. Working with the wrong people

Hill, Warren Buffett and even top entrepreneurs agree that successful work is primarily based on the total number of people who make up your working environment. So you have to accompany the successful and the rich and work with them, they may be a reason for your success and an important source of inspiration.

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6. Pursuing rapid gains

All economists agree that the pursuit of quick gains is irrational. We have to postpone our quick and small gains in order to get the biggest gains but in the longer term.
As Warren Buffett says :
"It's very easy to get rich slowly, but it's hard to get rich in a short time."

 7. Lack of seriousness in making decisions

Financial decisions and investment decisions are among the most dangerous decisions you make in your life, so you have to give them more effort, more time and much more seriousness.

Any decision you take will either lead you to the top of success or failure, so be careful!

8. Lack of motivation or enthusiasm

Your enthusiasm for any project or action stems from your motivation to do so, so the absence of motivation and motivation will make you impatient. Enthusiasm is the fuel of successful work and your path to successful projects, and do not forget to accompany enthusiasts as well and join them for your team.

9. Non-compliance

Commitment to the business world is the tremendous ability to self-control, both in terms of dealing with others, or even bearing the burden of external pressures. As well as your ability to comply with the plans, rules and objectives you set for your business.

10. Lack of ambition

All the successful and the wealthy began their journey with great dreams and ambition, and they were able to achieve what they dreamed of. Explaining success lies not in the dream itself but in the way it is achieved. Whatever the dream is, it can be achieved with small steps.
"Wishful thinking alone will not make you rich, but the desire to get rich with this desire for mental state and then to plan in specific ways and means to create wealth, while supporting these plans with a determination that does not know," Hill says. Failure, will bring you rich. "

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11. Lack of a clear objective

The lack of a goal for your business or even your life means that there is no map to follow, and it means you can not measure your performance and verify whether you are on the right track to achieve wealth or not. Set clear and measurable goals, it will help you manage your projects, manage your finances efficiently.

12. Non-risk

Investment often involves risk. Traditional investment can earn you profits, but investing with risk means that you can seize the unique opportunities that lead to financial success and successful projects. Of course, taking risk does not mean never giving up the wisdom of making decisions.

13 - not to insist

Working, investing, and getting wealth requires you to be patient. You have to expect a lot of obstacles and problems, but you have to be persistent, and be persistent to reach your goal.

14. Narrow-mindedness

You have to be always flexible so that you can get out of any predicament. You have to have a broad horizon and think outside the box whether it's problem solving, dealing with others, or even finding the best ways and tools that are right for you.

15. Stop learning

"Anyone who stops learning is old and old, whether he is 20 or 80," says Henry Ford. Anyone who is constantly learning is a person of a lifetime. The greatest thing in this life is to keep our mind young and beautiful. "
Learning does not know a certain age, but on the contrary it is a huge source of continuous creativity, it helps you broaden the horizon and openness to many new areas and opportunities.

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