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Monday, April 9, 2018

10 Obstacles Are a Barrier To Your Financial Success

For twenty years, Napoleon Hill tracked down the nearly 500 millionaires who made themselves up to come up with the book Think of Becoming Rich, from which American investor W Clement Stone said: "This book has inspired many men and women to succeed more than No other book in this world. " "This book is the best book written in the field of personal success throughout history. This book has made me a millionaire," said human development expert Brian Tracy.

Business Insider re-compiled the book's summary into errors in which the vast majority of people are trapped and prevents them from achieving the financial success they dream of. We summarized it in 10 reasons:

1. Negative

In the end, it starts from the inside, to believe that a person is a victim of the world and that he is the victim of a conspiracy or a trick that leaves him in poverty, makes him not move a finger to change, and therefore remains poor at the point of zero, at a time when the proponents are fast towards the rich, From the belief that they are the primary and final officials of their lives.

2. No goal

There is no hope of richness for those who have no goal or ambition, no one can move to the next stage without knowing his destination. That is why Napoleon focuses on this point, pointing to the importance of a clear, specific and measurable vision.

3. No passion

The clear goal and vision make the mind so close to the dream that man seeks, living every moment and every detail. Without Hamas you will not convince anyone of your thought. Without Hamas you will not have enough fuel to advance to the next step, and therefore never hope for richness without passion.

4. No application

Higher degrees do not mean wealth. If the information in the head is not applied on the ground, there will be little change. Those who made their own grapes did not celebrate their testimony long enough, but continued to develop themselves in a changing world.

5. A fossilized mind

An inflexible mind means a mind designed to make more poverty. Be different, look differently, look differently, deal with different new people, offer different ideas and different ways of doing things, so you get more opportunities, speed up your business process and diversify your earnings, making you on the right path to big money .

6. Delay

The postponement of business means postponing wealth, and staying in poverty, postponement deprives you of many opportunities, which would have been the long-awaited jump. "Most of us see life as a failure, because we are waiting for the 'right moment' that will come to change everything for the better, but this moment will not come," says Hill. Do not wait, do the means that are in your hands now, start now! "

7. Same as short

"People are successful, but they are failing," Hill says. "People know how to start, then they are less enthusiastic. People see life as either success or failure, but in reality there is no failure; it stops trying, try and then try and try to make it work. . No matter the frequency of failure, it is important to succeed in the end.

8. No adventure

"There's no difference between being over-reserveed and not risk-taking," says Napoleon Hill, wisely investing in projects at higher risk than usual, venturing some money, position, image or position. You need to invest more than usual to earn more than usual. He did not reach him before he had to do something he had not done before.

9. In the wrong place

Man is the son of his house. The rule even includes relationships. Be students of great people, choose proximity to them through work, neighborhood or any means. They are fed up and will be your guides and motivators.

10. The work is hated

How can you create a work you hate? With a team you hate and the manager hate him? This contravenes Rules 3 and 9. The rule is clear to Napoleon Hill: "You will not succeed in what you do not like," simply and clearly and concisely, and will not accomplish what is required, so how to build the wealth you dream of.

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