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Thursday, March 29, 2018

Tips For Dealing With Difficult Personalities At Work

The place of work occupies an important place in everyone's life...It is where we spend long hours with different colleagues in thinking, customs, traditions, beliefs...
In an atmosphere fraught with problems due to work stress and difficulty most of the time, the following lines will give you a set of tips to deal with difficult peaple in the work environment.

Tips For Dealing With Difficult Personalitys At Work

     1-Angry Personality.

The owners of the angry personality in the work environment are characterized by their intense and exaggerated preoccupations, and angry attacks that they may take out when exposed to any problem small or large work, causing many problems for them and their colleagues, and even customers or reviewers.
  How do we deal with an angry person at work?
     A/Do not talk with him during a fit of anger.
    B/Talk with hil with a low voice
    C/Stay away from confrontation with the owner of this character.

    2-Bully Personality.

The bully person in the work environment has many negative qualities that make it one of the most difficult personalities that you can meet or work with, The owner of this character usually likes to hurt others, to destroy them mentally and morally, and to see himself as the only one who can say and do anything he wants.
  How do we deal with the bully one at work?
     A/Setting limits in dealing with him.
    B/Do not respond him and completely ignore him.
    C/Do not use positive expressions with him.
    D/Talk to him clearly about his mistakes and the problems he is doing at work.

    3-Stubborn Personality.

The owner of stubborn personality is someone who does not accept the views of others at work, and always believes that his opinion is the most correct and useful to work, so it is considered as a negative element in any work within a group or so-called teamwork.
  How do we deal with the stubborn person at work?
     A/Use the trick when you tell an idea to look like their own ideas.
    B/Use positive expressions with them.
    C/Provide clear evidence that their views are not always correct.
    D/Use the language of diplomatic dialogue with them and do not support them at all.

    4-Aggressive Personality.

The owner of aggressive personality is a serious and difficult characters in the environment and atmosphere of work, as he lacks the skills of communication, and can not predict what he thinks and what is hidden, It also carries from outside the manifestations of love and affection and hiding in his heart a lot of anger, and the owner of this character does not express his opinion on any subject and evade any work entrusted to him.
  How do we deal with the aggressive person at work?
     A/Find the right method to deal with him.
    B/Avoid dialogue with him directly.
    C/Do not take many time to talk with him.

    5-Mood Personality.

The owner of the mood is a volatile person in the opinion, and usually decisions are quick and random and ill-considered, so he often retreat from his words and decisions, causing some confusion and chaos in the work.
  How do we deal with the mood person at work?
     A/Be very calm to avoid provoked him.
    B/Find out signs that indicate mood swings.
    C/Avoid him at the moment of fluctuating mood.
    D/Use humor with him but after he calm down.

Workplace is the place where we spend many hours of the day, with colleagues we love and deal with them correctly and balanced so that we can accomplish the work perfectly so you can now deal with different types of characters in your area.

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