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Monday, March 26, 2018

The Difference Between A Successful Person's Thinking And A Failed One!

Every person has dreams that he seeks to achieve and to reach them, If he thinks in a correct and intelligent way, he will achieve the success and dream that he has long hoped for. If his thinking in a pessimistic negative way will certainly fail to reach his dream.
So what is the difference between the successful human thinking and the failed one?

The Difference Between A Successful Person's Thinking And A Failed One!

   1-Facing the problem and not escape.

When a successful person is in any problem, he does not escape from it and does not feel frustrated. Rather, he begins to think directly about the right solution to get rid of it and as soon as possible.
While the failed person feels afraid of any problem, and tries to evade them and stay all the time thinking of the problem instead of thinking about the solution.

   2-Think positively.

Successful man has a positive outlook that makes him think positively in all things. 
He always thinks of the success he will get after the failure, and thinks of the summit that he will reach after climbing the stairs, but the failed person has a negative outlook that makes him think somberly about all the things that happen to him...

   3-Just look at the path of success.

A successful person always thinks of success, and does not act only as successful conduct, he does not accept to think trivial matters affect his progress and superiority in life, while the failed person always thinks of failure, and believes that he did not and will not succeed in completing any task done because failure will follow him wherever he goes...

   4-An open mind!

A successful person has an open look at life, so he is not afraid of change and is always ready to go into any new experience or project because of his conviction and his great confidence in himself and his ability to succeed, while the failed person fears any minor change in his life, or any new experience he is going to, because he is convinced that he will fail to fight.


A successful person is a wise person, so he admits his mistake and does not deny it at all, and seeks to correct it so that it does not fall again.
While the failed person is a reckless person, it is not possible to admit his mistake at all, and not only that, but also to blame others and blame them for this mistake.

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