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Friday, March 16, 2018

Do Not Share Your Goals With These 3 People

It has been said that the moment we set a goal, we should tell everyone as a means of ensuring success.
This commitment to the world will ensure that we have additional pressure to see this goal accomplished. But is this always the best approach? 
Here are some people who should be careful when sharing your goals with them:

1-People who do not seek to achieve their own goals.

Every person has a belief system about what is possible or impossible, forged by the upbringing of the person and his upbringing. There are a lot of people who will suggest you cut your goals to something that seems reasonable to them, given their perception of the possibility. Thus, we commit ourselves to a socially acceptable life rather than pursuing innovations, actions and behaviors that can bring the whole society out of the situation.

A person who does not seek to achieve his or her own goals may suggest that you do not need to change. It is the selfish desire of the person who wants to feel you are equal by keeping you down.

This is incredibly harmful, because it will make you live rather than strive towards your goals. In this way, their beliefs are never challenged  , and your goals will never be met.

Solution: Share your goals with people who have been successful in this area of ​​their lives, or who are currently seeking success in their own lives. These are the select few who will disagree with you when you begin to doubt yourself, these are the ones who will defend your own beliefs and will lift you to a higher level of life.

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2-People who praise your goal rather than your commitment. 

As social creatures, we often want to be accepted by people close to us. Our well-meaning friends and families seek to strengthen our self-esteem by praising the goals we have set. 

However, this is ineffective because it can create acceptance of intent rather than action. 

Defining the goal and striving for greatness is an uncomfortable act. If we feel comfortable accepting our peers just to set a goal, we may not pursue this endeavor. We will descend to our familiar comfort zone instead of the highest level of success.

Solution: Remember that setting a goal does not differentiate you. We need to be wary of the comfort that flattery can produce. If you share your goals with your loved ones, remind yourself that you still have a long way to go.

If someone congratulates you on a goal, restructure the courtesy in your mind as if it congratulates your continued commitment to seeing that goal accomplished.

3-Critical ones

Critic does not necessarily mean that he is Sam, but he is not the person you will want to talk to while your goal is still in its infancy.

You may have all the confidence in the world, but you still have to keep in mind that your vision is childhood and must be protected. At this stage, momentum is the key. Often, the critic does not want to see you going the wrong way. But we can easily explain this advice to the perfectionism. To put his mind very early in the process, only leads to procrastination or stops our path to success completely.

Solution: These people have brains that can be incredibly useful in editing our plans, reviewing our products and refining our skill set. It is necessary to keep these people in our circle, but we can only share our goals with these people when we have gained sufficient strength. 

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