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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

5 Secrets That Make You A Self-made Rich.

Self-made people are the individuals who earned their wealth by self-reliance, and their beginnings were through direct action like any ambitious and ambitious person.
They are not completely ordinary people. 
There is something that really distinguishes them.
They have a strange power to attract money and derivatives. 
They have a magic touch that almost turns everything into gold !! Is it luck then ?!

The truth is that luck is not as much as their attitudes, skills, personal qualities, their determination to succeed and their commitment to their goals, say money psychology experts. Though if you looked at their beginnings and humble conditions at first to understand that the secret of their success and wealth lies behind logical and realistic reasons.
The qualities that explain the reasons for their financial success!

In order to succeed in some field it is practical intelligence to look for great people to learn from them, that you should study their qualities and features and try to recite, such a quote may save you a lot of time and experimentation is not fruitful, so we will approach this time more than some The most important qualities of the rich who made their own wealth from scratch, and see their advantages that can be inspired to achieve financial success and wealth.

1. The power of dreams

The rich choose great dreams, those dreams that catapult their imagination and occupy their minds and inspire them towards success and excellence.
They always keep in mind their dreams, which are chosen by their hearts, which inspire them with the strongest energies of creativity, activity and effectiveness.

Motivation is an element in the process of wealth-building, because without motivational motivational motivations and strong people can not resist the causes of failure and continue on a long journey where many obstacles and challenges must be overcome. 

These motives may be financial desires and ambitions (eg huge stocks, Psychological motives (such as the need for a sense of achievement, excellence and social superiority) may be motivated by humanity (such as contributing to charity or supporting a particular humanitarian cause).

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2. Initiative and effectiveness

Big dreams alone are not enough to make money rich, poor people are also fond of their dreams of wealth and financial affluence, but they do not do anything other than dreams of waking!
They do not push themselves towards serious planning and thoughtful work that ensures their dreams are fulfilled as the rich do, and that is what really distinguishes rich people from others.

 You must have heard someone who claims (behind every great man a woman) that it is a completely false statement by practical standards, because external stimuli (such as encouragement) do not produce great people, internal stimuli, self-vision and great personal qualities are the only ones that make the successful and the great.

Of the person's belief that he is the captain of his ship, and that he is responsible for his success and failure. While the poor are full of conditions and resentment of reality, the rich exploit the possibilities available to reach their financial goals.

3. Control feelings and behaviors

Personal power is also another great feature enjoyed by the rich. They are able to adopt the positive emotions that help them to succeed, and they do not leave the negative emotions controlling their destinies. 
They do not succumb to feelings of frustration, fear, laziness and sisters.

The rich have a personal power to transcend harmful thoughts and feelings to useful and supportive thoughts and feelings, which automatically results in constructive habits and practices that are consistent with the nature of their financial goals and the pathways of their practical plans and gradually discard habits that may hinder or slow their steady progress towards their dreams.

Negative thoughts, feelings and habits are the great rock that strikes the goals of most people and their precious dreams are shattered.
This is the truth. It is the obstacle that only a few smart people and activists who do not raise the white flag, whatever their situation, can overcome.

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4. Financial knowledge

The wealthy are undoubtedly skilled teachers in understanding, developing and maintaining money, tools, and ways of earning, developing, and sustaining it. 
They are well aware that financial culture has increased their journey to financial wealth and the right information for their success in the world of business and business. 

I know a number of successful entrepreneurs who never fail to Training courses related to their financial interests, and even those that are not directly related to the business world, because they believe in the power of specialized knowledge and the importance of renewing personal thought.

The more intellectual you are, the more capable, ready, and efficient to deal with it properly. This is what the rich know and do. They put themselves in a state of intellectual and cognitive readiness in order to appeal to the most powerful investment opportunities that no one else sees. Financial Inatelligence.

Financial culture is an essential feature of the rich. It is necessary for those who have an ambition in financial freedom. You should pay attention to this aspect if your goal is to be one of them one day and you will enjoy the abundance, freedom and prosperity that they enjoy.

5. Seriousness and commitment

Talking about plans is always easier than carrying them out. Because the implementation requires more than just dreams of chastity and talk about it. !! It requires work, seriousness and commitment. The rich see their dreams with respect and faith and take it seriously and uncompromisingly. They are simply committed to what they need to do.

Do you know in your surroundings who started a good project and then it stopped working on it and it ended all ?! The rich do not do it at all. They may change the way and stop the project. But they never stop walking and progress towards their basic goals until they reach it, otherwise they would not have achieved the wealth they enjoy !!

So what is your dream that worries you? What is your biggest financial goal? Determine the path that leads to it .. Do everything necessary to achieve your dream .. then be worthy to liv

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