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Saturday, March 24, 2018

5 Lessons In Business World, From Olympic Playgrounds!

The coach and the manager have many things in common, they correct, follow, support, and contribute to the success of the trainee and the employee.
So, we're discussing the best tips from the most famous coaches around the world, how did they turn the athlete into a medalist? How can they broadcast enthusiasm and perseverance?

5 Lessons In Business World, From Olympic Playgrounds!

    1. Be the manager for everyone.

Bob Bowman, the famous coach of Michael Phillips, a 23-gold swimmer, says everyone needs different needs...so training must also be variable.
"Some respond to logic, some respond to encouragement, while others prefer to leave them to work in silence," says Bob.
For example, there are those who would like to keep up to date with daily reports, and there are those who prefer to follow through emails only. So, be careful to keep your flexibility.

   2. You will have to sit and watch.

''Amy Burman'', a well-known athletics trainer with ''Simone Biles'', who has several gold medals, says the coach should leave the athlete a chance to express his abilities and energy.
"She is the player, she has to make her own decisions, she chooses the number of training hours, she chooses the effort, I only guide her"
You should leave room for employees to express their personalities through their work, leave them the opportunity to make decisions, let them take the initiative, sit down and watch from a distance...

   3. Make harmony.

''Ben Ryan'', the US football coach who led his team to the gold at the Rio Olympics, he understands the importance of team harmony.
"My first goal as a coach is to create a harmony between the team so it is cyclical plus, so the team is not affected when I'm absent".
It is easy for you as a manager to take your views and make decisions through you only, but giving you the opportunity for your team members to share some of these tasks will benefit everyone. 
The ideas and tasks will be versatile and creative outside the box, and you will be able to take your vacation naturally without worrying about the course of action.

   4. Do not overlook the role of human relations.

''Mike Krzuski'', the basketball coach who led America's team to 3 gold necklaces, emphasizes the importance of recognizing the personal problems experienced by team members.
"You can do your part better if someone is not distracted." When you ask about speeches, you emphasize their importance to you and the team, which strengthens and strengthens their loyalty to you."

   5 - Do not expect the cactus to bear apple!

''Ian Parker'', the Olympic sailing coach, is always keen to keep expectations in place, especially during difficult times.
Each player has his own abilities. It is good to leave the comfort zone and try to do more, but not to exceed the limits of reality and possible...

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