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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

4 Behaviors Steal Your Money Without You Feel

In a consumer world, in front of many different offers, it is very easy to buy without realizing how much you spend, even if your income is good!

The money that you can provide from your well-managed expenses can enhance aspects of your life and the lives of your children...It can provide you with a better future if you invest well.

4 Behaviors Steal Your Money Without You Feel

   1. Buy new things just because they are new.

If you are the young man in the queue from midnight until morning, waiting for the new version of IPhone, you should know that there will always be new versions. 

If companies stop producing new things, they will come out of the market.

The same thing happens with all kinds of purchases, even cars, you buy your new car... 

you have a model next year. 
Once you drive it out of the agency, you lose 11 percent of its value. 

In the first year you lose about 19 percent of the price.

    2. Buy what you do not need in discount seasons.

On many occasions, stores advertise their price drops, and may be one of those who stand in the hustle to buy things during the discount to take advantage, whether in real shops or even online stores.

Although you are trying to look for cheaper places to shop, you are wasting your money buying things you do not actually need, but you encountered them at a price that you found suitable and you took them...

Even if you do not pay a high price in a luxury store, but in your own way you pay small amounts each time for unnecessary purposes, and in total you will find that the sum is large.

    3. Eat at fastfoods more than you eat at home.

If you eat your breakfast outside the house, order lunch through the delivery service, and buy coffee in the evening ... you should realize that you are wasting too much money, While you can eat better food at home and at lower costs.

Eating outside will drain your money without you feel,  so make sure to prepare your meal home and bring it with you to work to eat instead of buying fast food.

    4. Do not plan for your expenses...do not feel loosing money!!

It will be a lot easier to spend more than you imagine if you do not have a budget.
If you do not know where your owner goes, you'll find a place to spend.

Especially when it comes to spending on fast food items, entertainment and all your wishes. A handful of bad habits can cost you a month what you do not often endure.

Most people hate the idea of ​​budgeting or planning their spending...

Simply because they think they work hard every week and do not want to live under any restrictions. 
In fact, they do not understand the real concept of planning.

Planning your expenses and keeping track of your monthly expenses should not be a process that is restrictive to your life at all. 

This should not prevent you from buying what you want. 
Rather, this planning aims to guide you to your priorities today and provide you with the responsibilities and needs of tomorrow...

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